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Why Cellarama?
Whether your phone’s been stolen, lost or you’d just like a great new phone with all the latest features, a long-term cellular service agreement can make it difficult to get the equipment you want at a price you can afford. At Cellarama, we make it easy to purchase a replacement or add-on phone without signing a lengthy contract or spending a fortune. Contact us today to learn more.
My Cell Phone Won’t Work!

All new cellular phones are warranted by their manufacturers for one year. That warranty, however, may be voided by water damage or misuse. In this case, the manufacturer will not repair your phone under warranty and, if you are bound to a cellular service contract, you’re still obligated to pay your monthly Bell Mobility service charges. Cellarama can offer you a great new phone at a great price to get you back on the air as soon as possible.

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My Cell Phone’s Lost! / My Cell Phone’s Been Stolen!

Even if you’ve lost your cellular phone, you’ll still have to pay your monthly cellular service fees if you’re locked into a contract. According to the terms of most agreements, it’s up to you to replace your phone if you’ve owned it less than 24 months. Contact Cellarama today for an affordable new phone with all the newest features and styling.

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I’d Like to Change My Individual Plan to a Family Plan.

Growing families often find that they need additional phones to keep tabs on everyone. Because of contract obligations, however, this can be an expensive proposition. With a new Bell Mobility-compatible phone from Cellarama, families can add new phones with shared minutes for as little as $20 per month with no long-term obligation.

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I’d Like a Worry-Free Phone for My Child.

With their ever-changing practice schedules and frenetic social lives, kids today are difficult to track down, making a cell phone a near necessity. Our prepaid Bell Mobility plans give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your kids are and that you won't pay unexpected plan overages.

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Has your current cell phone been: Lost, Stolen, or Broken?

Are you: Wary of long-term contracts? Ineligible for a cell phone upgrade?

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What are Contract-Free Phones?

Contract-free phones from Cellarama are popular cell phones that you can purchase – at great prices – without contracts.

Our phones can be activated on any new or existing Bell Mobility account – no hassle, no contract, no problem.

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Why Buy from Cellarama?

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Thank you for taking the time and locating and forwarding on the plug I lost. You provide that much appreciated little extra when it comes to service which seems to lacking in business today.

Allan S. - Toronto ON

Dear Cellarama,
I received my order this morning, 16 hours after ordering... I am thrilled. Great value and great service! Thank you very much.

Danita G. - St. Catharines ON

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