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Why You Need a Contract-Free Bell Cell Phone

Was your Bell cell phone lost or stolen?? Or through regular use, was it broken?

If you?re thinking about getting your replacement phone through Bell, here?s the problem: Bell cannot offer you a discount on a replacement Bell phone while you?re in a contract. Instead, you?ll have to pay full price for phones that typically start at $200. If you wait until you have the money, you won?t have a phone to use but you will have a bill to pay. Yes, you?re obligated to pay your monthly Bell bill even if you don’t have a working phone.

Here?s the solution: Buy a contract-free Bell cell phone. If you need a phone to add to your existing Bell account, a contract-free phone can be programmed with your existing number without changing your plan or contract. You can also use a contract-free phone to activate a brand new Bell Mobility account.

Before you decide, though, consider the options. Here are three ways you can purchase your phone and some thoughts about each.

Buying directly from Bell Mobility:

– Advantages: You?ll have a wide variety of options to choose from. Also, phones from Bell are often brand new and come with a Bell warranty.

– Disadvantages: You?ll pay a lot more. Even Bell Mobility’s most basic contract-free phones start at $200.

Higher-end phones come with much higher prices.

Buying from classified websites such as Kijiji, Craigslist, or eBay?:

– Advantages: You can get a good price. You can buy without a contract. And you may find a wide selection of handsets available.

– Disadvantages: You?re taking a chance on the quality of the phone and even on whether it works. With no warranty, you?ll have little recourse when your phone stops working. Do your homework before buying a phone from a classified site. And consider picking up the phone in person (in a public place), to reduce the chances of fraud.

Buying from, an online store dedicated to selling contract-free Bell Mobility cell phones:

– Advantages: You?re buying from a trusted Bell resource. All phones are sold with a warranty and refund period and are guaranteed to work. You?ll have all the upsides of buying directly from Bell at a lower cost.

Cellarama phones typically start at around $60 compared to Bell?s $200. And Cellarama has a proven track record. Now five years old, Cellarama has sold thousands of contract-free Bell phones to satisfied Bell customers.

– Disadvantages: You have a smaller range of phones to choose from. But here?s an idea: Purchase a phone from Cellarama to get you to the end of your current Bell contract then negotiate with Bell for a free phone and features when you?re ready to start your next 36-month contract.
Regardless of which option you choose, purchasing a contract-free phone from Bell Mobility is a great way to go if you need a replacement phone for your existing Bell account or want to start a new account or line with Bell.

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