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What is LTE?

Bell Mobility has recently launched its LTE network. We’ve kept hearing about LTE for a few years that it’s going to be the network of the future. But what is LTE, really?

LTE, or also called “real” 4G, stands for Long Term Evolution, and it’s a completely new wireless technology that is going to completely replace our 3G networks some years into the future. They will co-exist for a while, until everyone gets a LTE-capable phone, though.

So what will LTE offer you? You’ll have almost instant browsing (granted you have at least a dual core processor for fast page rendering, which is processor intensive). You’ll be able to watch HD videos without having to wait for long buffering. You’ll be able to take advantage of all these new music streaming services with “all-you-can-eat” pricing plans, such as Spotify and Rdio. You can do that on 3G, too, but the it can work much better on LTE.

You can download whatever files you have in the cloud on your mobile device in just a few seconds. And the list can go on. Bottom-line is that you’ll experience up to 10 times faster Internet speeds with LTE compared to Bell Mobility’s current 3G network.

So how can you take advantage of Bell Mobility’s LTE network?

You can get their Novatel U679 Turbo Stick for your laptop, which also offers a fall-back to Bell’s 3G network, with speeds of 7-14 Mbps in general, for $60 with a 3 year contract, or for $120 contract-free.

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