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Extend The Life of Your Bell Cell Phone Battery

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

It?s annoying to discover your battery has gone dead when you need your phone the most. Here are some helpful tips to extend the life of your Bell cell phone battery.

Tip #1 – The easiest way to preserve your battery life is the one that?s overlooked the most, and that?s simply to turn your cell phone off. Of course, this isn?t an option all the time, but if it?s late and you are off to bed no one will be calling, or if you are at the office and you have all your calls, coming through the office you can also shut your Bell cell phone off.

Tip #2 – Whenever possible, use either ringer or vibrate. The vibrate function use a lot of battery power. Using both the ringer and vibrate is simply a waste of your battery power unless there is a really good reason to have both on, other than by default.

Tip #3 ? Bluetooth headsets can be very convenient. However, they are also a heavy draw on your battery. Either turn off your Bluetooth headset when you don?t need it, or go back to a corded headset, which uses up a lot less battery power.

Tip #4 ? Skip animated wallpapers and all the other really cool stuff because they can also drain your battery power. Find a nice picture you like and use that. It?s simple and it isn?t going to waste your precious battery power.

Tip #5 ? Use your cell phone for what it is a phone and messaging device. When you know you are not going to be able to recharge your phone for extended periods of time, don?t play games, don?t watch videos or scroll through photos, and don?t use it to listen to music. All of these are very hard on your battery power and you could find yourself with a dead cell phone when you need it the most.

Tip #6 ? Turn the brightness down on the screen. New LCD screens require an incredible amount of battery power. While each Bell phone is a little different, you will find the brightness adjustment somewhere in your phones main settings.

Tip #7 ? Charge your Bell cell phone battery only when it really needs to be charged. It?s best if you can let it go dead or at the very least below half a charge. If you charge it too often when it is not nearly dead you shorten the batteries memory and you start to get less and less time off the battery. Most batteries will last a minimum of a few days on standby, so there is really no need to charge them every night if you are not a heavy user.

Tip #8 ? Your battery connection on your Bell phone can become corroded over time, which will lead to poor performance by your battery. A cotton swab with a little rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the contacts. Clean the entire compartment. You?ll be impressed at just how much this little housecleaning act can improve the performance of your batter.

Tip #9 ? Bell cell phone batteries can be really expensive. If you use have a lot of talk time on your phone, or you just can?t live without the music and game features, you can always consider investing in a one or more spare batteries. That way your phone will never be without battery power.?’s Bell Battery Program offers Canada’s largest selection of batteries for Bell Mobility cellular phones.

And if you liked this article you can find more articles and videos for Bell Mobility users at – At you?ll also find great contract-free cell phones for Bell Mobility.? Written by A. Thompson is not affiliated with Bell Canada or Bell Mobility.
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