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5 Things You Must Check Before Buying A Used Bell Cell Phone on Classified Sites

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

You can find replacement or used Bell Mobility cell phones at many locations online including the many classified ad sites. ?This article will discuss why you must be very careful using classified ad sites to find your next used Bell Mobility cell phone. Also you will find a list of 5 things you can do to increase your chances of finding a good deal.?

If you?re thinking of buying a phone through a classified website such as kijijiTM, craigslist, or eBay?, be forewarned. Despite the ?good deal? you might think you?re getting, there are dangers to watch out for. Here are some of them:

? Many phones are sold by people you shouldn?t put your trust in.

? Most phones do not come with warranties or guarantees or even the option to return them for a refund.

? Most phones are sold ?as is? and on ?final sale?. You take what you get.

? When your phone arrives, you may find it has signal reception problems, bad batteries, or missing accessories. In addition, it may be a stolen phone or there may be hygiene issues to deal with.

? Once you send your money, you may be out of luck if the phone doesn?t work as promised. Even if you?re careful and do your research before you buy, you may have little recourse when the phone doesn?t work.?

If you do find a Bell cell phone you like on a classified site, though, consider picking it up from the seller in person. If you can arrange for a safe exchange?in a public place with other people around?meeting the seller in person reduces the potential for fraud.

Once you receive your phone, look it over it carefully while the seller is there. And make sure you take these steps:

? Inspect the phone to determine what kind of condition it?s in. Make sure it matches the description you were given.

? Test all the buttons, keys, and trackballs or trackwheels to ensure they work properly and are not loose.

? Make a test call. For Bell phones, dial *611 or *2355. If the phone works, you will reach the Bell automated reply. While on the Bell test call, test the speakerphone functionality.

? Test features such as the camera and video.

? Make sure it can be activated with Bell. ?Before you buy, get the 11-digit ESN number of the phone and contact Bell Mobility. Bell can confirm that the phone you are buying is actually a Bell phone, and if the phone has been reported lost or stolen. ?This will save you from possible activation problems later.

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