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Bell BlackBerry Service Can Suffer without Data Features

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
Bell BlackBerry without Data

Bell BlackBerry without Data

Bell Mobility’s BlackBerry phones are great data devices. As the BlackBerry has grown in popularity, though, more people have been buying it to use it only as a regular phone, without adding the often expensive BlackBerry data packages.

One problem that has arisen is that, with older Bell BlackBerry models, the phone reception works best when the data package is added. If you have purchased an older BlackBerry model such as the 6750, 7750, 7250, 7130e, or 8703e and have not also added the BlackBerry data package, you will likely notice poor signal reception, missed calls, shorter battery life, and other problems.

Why does this happen? The BlackBerry is designed primarily as a data device, so the expectation is that it will operate at peak performance when it is connected to its data network. When older BlackBerry’s cannot access the data network, it allocates a greater portion of its resources to try to connect to it. This effort reduces the performance of its non-data functions, including phone reception.

With its data feature enabled, the older BlackBerry has a superior phone signal reception compared to most phones. Without the data feature enabled, you will quickly notice poor reception quality.

What to do?

With an older BlackBerry, you will need to add a data feature to your account to begin receiving optimal phone service. At the writing of this article, the introductory data feature for a Bell Mobility BlackBerry can be added for between $15 and $20 per month. Adding the data feature will give you access to the Internet, BlackBerry Messenger, and other popular BlackBerry features.

If you have a newer BlackBerry and do not have a data package, and are experiencing phone signal problems, you have another option. With newer Bell BlackBerry devices such as the Curve, Pearl, and Storm, the design is different. You can turn off the device?s Data Services feature, which will resolve the problems with the phone signals.

To turn off the Data Services feature on a newer BlackBerry, complete the following simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the Options icon.

Step 2: Locate and select the Mobile Network icon.

Step 3: Change the option for Data Services to Off.
That’s it!

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