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The Truth about Long-Term Cell Phone Contracts

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

(Why a 36-Month Contract Is Not in Your Best Interest)

Three years is a long time, especially in the cellular world!

That sums up why I think you should avoid a three-year (36-months!) contract when it comes to your cell phone. I don?t want you to get stuck in a contract time warp, unable to make the kind of cell phone changes you?d like to.

But let me tell you exactly why you should avoid a long-term contract, in more detail. Here are my top reasons:

??Reason #1. Cell phones aren?t as tough as they used to be.

There’s a good chance your cell phone won’t last as long as your cell phone contract. Years ago, you could expect your new cell phone to last four or five years. Not anymore. The average lifespan of today?s cell phones is 14 to 24 months. The average consumer buys a new phone every 18 months. If you get into a long-term contract, chances are you?ll need or want to change your phone before your contract is up.

??Reason #2. Cell phones get lost or, stolen or they break.

If something happens to your old cell phone and you need to change to a new one, while you?re in a contract, Bell will not assist you with the cost of a new cell phone to replace your old one.? If you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, you do have a very good alternative:?’s contract-free Bell Mobility cell phones can have you back up in no time.

??Reason #3. You lose your negotiating power with Bell Mobility when you enter a long-term contract. –

If you’re in a situation where you think that Bell Mobility has treated you unfairly (like the time I added a text messaging bundle and the representative accidentally removed my free incoming call feature, resulting in me getting a huge bill the next month), you can always threaten to go to the competition. But in a 36-month contract, with cancellation fees as high as $400, it?s not likely that Bell will take your threat seriously.

Besides, if you do decide to leave, your cancellation fee reduces a lot of their pain felt by your leaving.
Personally, I don’t hate all contracts.? A one-year contract can serve you well, in some situations. Two-year contracts are much harder for me to stand.? Always remember my general rule regarding contracts: the smaller the contract the better, and being contract-free is best of all.

If you liked this article, you can find more articles and videos for Bell Mobility users at ? At, you?ll also find great contract-free cell phones for Bell Mobility. Written by A. Thompson is not affiliated with Bell Canada or Bell Mobility.
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