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How to Play Videos on Your Bell Mobility BlackBerry

Add Video to your Bell BlackBerry

Add Video to your Bell BlackBerry

This short guide will show you the steps that you need to take to play videos on your Bell Blackberry.

Important: Before you start, it’s important to know that not all Bell Mobility BlackBerry’s can play video files. If you have an older Bell Blackberry model like the Bell 8703E, 7250, 7750 you are out of luck because these and other other models do not have media players and cannot play video.

If you’ve got an older BlackBerry and you need to watch videos you`ll need to upgrade to one of Bell Mobility’s newer Blackberry models. ?Buy Bell Mobility BlackBerry’s here.

If you’ve got a Bell 8830 World Edition, 8130 Pearl, 8230 Pearl flip, 8330 Curve, 8530 Curve, 9630 Tour, 9530 Storm, 9000 Bold or Bell 9700 Bold you’re in luck.

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Step 1: Find Your Videos. On your computer, collect the video files you want to play on your BlackBerry. At this point don’t worry what file format your video files are currently in.

Step 2: Video File Comparability. Your Bell Mobility BlackBerry will not play all video file types. You’ll need to convert your videos into a file format that your BlackBerry’s media player can play.

Note: Supported video file formats: All BlackBerry`s support MPEG4 (Part 2 Simple Profile), H.263, and WMV. The Bell 8530 Curve also supports H.263 and WMV9. The Bell Bold 9700 supports all previously supported formatted and XviD (partially supported) WMV3, Sorenson Spark & On2 VP6 (Flash support).

If your videos are already in a supported BlackBerry video format then skip to Step 8.

Step 3: Video File Conversion. If your videos are not in a supported format then you’ll need to convert them. The video converter software that I use is called Any Video Converter, it easy to use and it’s free. Download it from here and install the program on your computer.

Note: Any Video Converter has recently added a paid professional version of this software, but as long as you don’t upgrade from this free version you can convert as many files as you like for free.

Launch Any Video Converter and press the Add Video button to add the videos stored on your computers hard drive (or you can simply drag and drop your video into the program).

Step 4: Select a compatible video format. Next select your desired file format. Under the Profile section select the format. If you’re not sure which setting to use, select WMV (Customized WMV Movie).

Step 5: Select frame size. Next select an appropriate Frame Size. Under Video Options section click on the Frame Size. Most Bell Blackberry’s will support a Frame Size of 320×240. If you have a Pearl use 220×176.

Step 6: Convert Video. To start the conversion process press the Convert button.

Step 7: Locate Converted Files. When the video files have been converted you can easily find where there are located by right-clicking on the converted file and selecting Open Destination File Location

Step 8: Add Files to Your BlackBerry. Add your converted video files from the destination file on your computer to your MicroSD card or add it directly to your BlackBerry by using your data cable and dragging the video files directly onto it.

Let me know how this guide helped you.

Enjoy your media experience!

And if you liked this article you can find more articles and videos for Bell Mobility users at – At Cellarama you?ll also find great contract-free Bell cell phones and Bell Mobility BlackBerry’s. By A. Thompson

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