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How activate a new Bell Mobility SIM card?

Activate Your Bell SIM Card
Not too long ago, Bell Mobility only offered CDMA phones.  These phones did not accept SIM cards and the process of programming and activating them required some technical understanding.

Not any more.  Since Bell launched their HSPA network, anyone with a compatible phone (Bell provided or unlocked) now can insert an active Bell Mobility SIM card and they would instantly have a working Bell device.

Below are the steps and tips to activate your Bell SIM card:

A.  Go to your local Bell store
This is the traditional way to activate your SIM.
Pros: Fast and convenient if you live near a Bell Store
Cons: Although this is a quick process, the store will charge you between $25-35 for the update

B. Activate your SIM online using Bell’s Selfserve Tool
This process is no longer available as Bell has removed this feature from it’s online services.

C. Contact Bell Mobility Customer Service
My favorite and most recommended way.
Pros: Don’t need to leave your home, it’s a free call from another Bell Mobility phone (dial 611), and there’s no charge for the update.
Cons: You will need to have a phone available to make the call

If you decide to activate your Bell Mobility SIM card by contacting Bell Mobility Customer Service here are some time saving tips:

– Call 1-800-667-0123 or dial 611 (from another Bell mobile phone)
– You will need to have the SIM card number you want to activated ready to give to the Bell rep
– Your SIM card should be 20 digits long (I have seen some with 19 digits) and usually start with the number 8 (ex. 89302610202053545956)

– If you need a Bell SIM you can purchase one from us at Cellarama using the link below:
– When you speak to the customer service rep, simply say “I’m calling to update the SIM card associated with the phone I currently using”.  The activation process should be completed quickly, normally within 5-15 minutes.

– Bell SIM cards can only be activated once, so they can’t be reused for another Bell number
– At this time Bell offers two types of SIM card sizes.  These are “Standard SIMs” and “Micro SIMs”.  The majority of Bell HSPA devices will use the Standard SIM, exceptions include the iPhone 4 and 4s, HTC One X, and Samsung Galaxy S3.  These will use the Micro SIM.

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