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First WP7 Phone on Bell Will Be the LG Optimus Quantum

Microsoft wants to make a big splash with its new mobile operating system “Windows Phone 7”, and so the Windows Phone 7 devices will appear on as many networks as possible, early on. Bell is one of these networks, and it will get its first WP7 phone – the LG Optimus Quantum – on November 2nd.

The Bell Mobility LG Optimus Quantum will have a 1 Ghz Snapdragon chip, which puts it on par with other high-end smartphones that have been launched since the beginning of this year, starting with Google’s Nexus One phone. ?It has a 3.5″ screen with a 800×480 resolution and a physical keyboard for those of you who haven’t gottten used to the virtual touch keyboard, yet.

Because of the Windows Phone 7 operating system, the Bell Mobility LG Optimus Quantum comes with a fresh interface, very different than any other phone you’ve seen so far. The user interface is intuitive and a lot of people like it. WP7 is also very optimized so you won’t see the phone lagging, making it fun to use and frustration-free.

Some have criticized Windows Phone 7 for not being fully baked. They say the existent features of the operating system are working well, but the problem is it doesn’t have a lot of features to begin with. In fact, it has fewer features than even the first version of iPhone. Features like copy and paste, multi-tasking, universal search, HTML5, Flash, and even Microsoft’s Silverlight are just some of the main ones missing from WP7.

Also, since WP7 is just being launched, there won’t be many apps available for the Bell Mobility LG Optimus Quantum phone in the beginning. There will be far fewer apps than Android’s 100,000 apps, or iPhone’s 300,000 apps. Some of you might not need that many apps, but apps are truly the ingredient that give the phone life.

But if a phone with an easy to use and different interface is what you’re looking for, then the Bell Mobility LG Optimus Quantum might just be the phone you need.

Here’s one of Microsoft’s ads for Windows Phone 7 operating system:

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