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Bell Mobility Tablet Review: BlackBerry Playbook

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

As we move into a world of touchscreen computers, RIM needs to transition to it as well, or risk becoming irrelevant. This is the main reason why last year they¬†acquired¬†an operating system called QNX, so they can port it to their Blackberries, and also enter new markets such as the tablet market. This is how the Playbook was born. (more…)

Playbook Vs iPad 2 Vs Xoom

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The RIM Playbook, Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom are 3 of the hottest tablets right now, and each run a very different operating system. Playbook runs the recently acquiered by RIM QNX OS, which is an OS that used to be used for airplanes, nuclear plants, and in other related industries. (more…)

Bell Galaxy Tab Gets a $100 Discount at Best Buy

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Bell Galaxy Tab was and still is the first real Android tablet, which although didn’t come with an OS version that was compltely optimized for a tablet, it still manages to get the job done and is by far one of the best tablets on the market right now.

Bell Mobility and Best Buy have had this tablet for a while now,but if you didn’t get it already, you are in luck, because Best Buy is oferring the Bell Galaxy Tab for $100 less until January 27th. That puts it at $549, which isn’t a too bad deal considering it has very competitive specs and a 3G chip inside it.

If you want a good Android tablet, Bell Galaxy Tab should be a great choice, and it should be a great ebook reader as well, since it comes with a nice ebook reader app, and its 7″ size and light weight make it ideal for reading while holding it with one hand.

Another advantage given by its 7″ size is that it can be a lot more portable than a 10″ tablet. You can carry it with you almost anywhere you go in a back pocket, or in your car or a bag. You can even use it as a GPS navigation unit for you car. So the 7″ Bell Galaxy Tab definitely has some advantages over other 10″ tablets that can’t be ignored. Add together the $100 discount you’re getting until January 27th if you hurry up, and it’s a valuable purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is Coming to Bell on November 12th

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Samsung’s strategy with Android has been to put all their high-end products on all carriers, and they’ve had great success doing that with their Galaxy S line-up. Now they want to replicate this success with what will probably be the most successful Android tablet this year – the Galaxy Tab.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android is coming soon to Bell Mobility

Friday, October 1st, 2010

The Galaxy Tab, which is one of the most expected tablets to come out this year, will arrive at Bell, too. We do know that Samsung?s strategy is to make its Android smartphones and tablets as widely available as possible, so Bell, which is one of the biggest and best carriers in Canada, can’t be left out.

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