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Can you actiate the Bell Mobility Palm Pre without a data plan?

Can you actiate the Bell Mobility Palm Pre without a data plan?

After a customer of ours, emailed us saying that their local Bell Store would not activate their Bell Palm Pre because they did not want a data plan, we thought we would investigate!

Here?s what we found…

If you?re going to purchase a Palm Pre for Bell Mobility it?s probably because you?ve heard about some of it?s award-winning features. ?Features like the touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard are nice, but what makes the Pre different is it?s ability to organize data that you have on the Internet and easily pull-it onto your device.

Because of it?s web nature, it is strongly recommended that you have a data plan on your Bell Mobility account. ?This means that when your Pre connects to the Internet to consume it?s diet of web-stuff you don?t get stuck with a huge bill.

But what if you don?t want a data plan. ?What if you want to use it as just a phone (you know… to call or text)? ?Can you?

The short answer is of-course you can! ?Bell cannot force you to purchase a data plan or any other feature. ?They can recommend it, and they can strongly recommend it. ?But they can?t force you to take one.

So here?s what we recommend to Palm Pre users on the Bell Mobility network that want to go without data:

1. Activate your Palm Pre (either online using or take your phone into a Bell store)

2. When you activate your account, add the cheapest data feature available, currently Bell is offering a deal on data for the Palm Pre called the ?Palm Pre Unlimited Mobile Browser? for just 15 bucks. ?I know we said that you don?t need a data plan to activate your Pre, but there are some features that require a (non-wifi) data connection initially to function properly.

3. Call Bell customer service shortly after your activation to cancel the data feature. ?THIS IS IMPORTANT: WHEN SPEAKING WITH THE REP AT CUSTOMER SERVICE TELL THEM TO REMOVE ALL DATA ACCESS FROM THE ACCOUNT. ?This is in addition to removing the data feature. With the data access being removed from the account, when you?re device tries to connect to the web there will be no ?pipe? to connect it. ?And no data charges for you ever.**


That?s it. ?With the above fix you get your Palm Pre activated properly, and arn?t stuck with any expensive monthly data plans. ?What you?ll pay is a small fee for the 1 or so weeks that you originally kept the data plan before removing it. ?With Bell?s current $15 promo, you?ll only pay a portion of the full monthly fee. ?And if you activate you phone online using the website you?ll save the in-store programming fee of $15 – $25.

*I recommend you keep the data plan initially for at least a week, because during the activation process your Pre will consume some data and because Bell Mobility prorates their features ?you?ll have more than enough prorated data to cover any data used. ?Please remember not to use the Internet (or web features) during this period, and if someone other than you is using this device make sure that they understand too.

** The removal of DATA ACCESS is important because for your phone to access the web there needs to be commands on your Bell Mobility account that allow for data to be sent to your phone. ?When those commands are removed you will not receive data to your phone. ?This is important for Pre users because we are unaware of any way to completely disable data usage from the phones internal system settings.

Still got questions? Post your questions and comments below!

And if you like this article you can find more articles and videos for Bell Mobility users at – Also if you looking to purchase a Palm Pre for the Bell Mobility network I would invite you to check-out Cellarama.

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