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Bell Mobility Customers Will Soon Be Able to Transfer Money Internationally with Their Mobile Phones

Western Union and EnStream, a joint venture between Bell, Rogers and Telus, are partnering to offer all their mobiles customers a way to transfer money internationally, to up to 200 countries. The service they?ve created is called Zoompass, and it?s an innovative way to send, request and receive money.

Bell customers who use the Zoompass service will be able to send money from their account to anyone in over 200 countries and the recipients will be able to pick them up at any Western Union Agent location.

The Zoompass service will allow Bell customers, for the first time, to send mobile payments cross-borders through Western Union, starting later this year. The service, however, already works within Canada, and all iPhone, Android or Blackberry users can download the Zoompass app to use it. If you?re a Bell customer you can already go to on your mobile and download this app.

Mobile payments are the next big revolution in the mobile world and it?s going to make it a lot easier for people to buy stuff. Soon you won?t need cash or even a credit card when you go to a local supermarket, or anywhere else for that matter. All you?ll need is an Android phone, an iPhone or a Blackberry if you?re a Bell customer and you?ve downloaded the app and then signed up to Zoompass.

EnStream?s Zoompass works not only within the Bell network but also across the other Canadian networks like Rogers and Telus, so you don?t have to be worried about switching networks later on because you?ll still be able to use the service and the app. By partnering with Western Union, EnStream offers a secure and reliable service and strives to make Canadians? lives a little bit better by giving them a way to instantly pay for their purchases with their own mobile phone.

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