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Bell Mobility?s 10-4 Walkie-Talkie Service

Now that?s convenience – Use your Bell mobility phone as a regular phone or a walkie-talkie with the 10-4 walkie-talkie.

This flexible mobile service gives you more ways to communicate ? whether it?s to find information on the internet, send a text message to a colleague, talk to the project supervisor on the phone, or walkie-talkie your team. It?s all right at your fingertips.

What?s unique about the 10-4 walkie-talkie service is that the person(s) you are calling can be anywhere in Canada and you?ll never be charged long distance. You just pay your flat monthly fee and call 10-4 anywhere in Canada and there are no roaming charges.

Bell’s 10-4 service has become popular with trucking and fleet services and parents with children at university or living across the country.

For companies the 10-4 walkie-talkie service is a great choice. It offers you advanced contact management options, which means you have both flexibility and control over your company contact information.

You can improve your team?s productivity by signing up for the Bell 10-4 walkie-talkie service. It?s simple to use ? just push the button and your cell phone acts as a walkie-talkie for immediate conversations with up to 9 of your team all at once. You can save time and money by talking with all of your team at once. Or use it as a regular cell phone.

Each mobile phone gets a unique 10-digit phone number that is used for both regular calls and 10-4 calls. With just one number for each user there?s less to remember and that?s convenient.

The 10-4 service is available on several Sanyo mobile phones that are exclusive to Bell. Sanyo has the highest customer satisfaction rating of all manufacturers so you can relax knowing you have a quality phone. All that?s left to do is choose the Sanyo phone with the features you want.

Below is a list of Bell Mobility cellular phones compatible with the 10-4 services (at the time of this article?s publication):

Sanyo 2300
Sanyo 2400
Sanyo 4920
Sanyo 7000
Sanyo 7050
Sanyo 7300
Sanyo 7500
Sanyo 8300
Sanyo S1
Sanyo Pro 200
Sanyo Pro 700

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