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Bell Admits Glitch in Text Plan Billing

An error in Bell’s charging system for texts has led to overcharging every customer who had an unlimited plan. The system started charging customers with unlimited plans with 75 cents per message, in the interval between September 21st and 25th.

The system has been fixed by now and the bills of the customers who were overcharged have been modified to reflect the real spending of the customers.

“Of course we do encourage customers to take a look at their statements to make sure that ? if there is anything that causes a question or concern they give us a call,” Queen said.

“But they should not see any incorrect charges on their bills as a result of this issue.”

Bell doesn’t know exactly how many customers have been affected by this, but they do know that this issue affected customers from across the country.

The normal charge rate for a text message is 15 cents, but the roaming fee for text messages is 75 cents. The text messages for the unlimited plans were free, but the system must’ve mixed the tariffs for the free text messages from unlimited plans with the ones for roaming.

When Nancy Miliea, a customer, noticed the problem, she called Bell to tell them about it:

“[Bell Mobility] just told me there was a glitch, there was something wrong with their computer system that everyone who had unlimited texting plan was getting billed per text and there was nothing they could do about it for a couple days,” Miliea said.

When Nancy asked the Bell customer service what she should do until the error is fixed, she was told that she shouldn’t use her phone much.

“I’m really upset with our service right now,” Miliea said.

Bell Mobility has said that the error should not occur anymore and they’ve worked to erase all the mistakes in the sytem that have led to overcharging customers. They are advising all Bell customers to report anything unusual as soon as they notice it.

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