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Apple Sends Massive iPhone 4 Shipment to Bell

Bell has received a massive shipment of new iPhones, at the end of September, for Bell Stores and many The Source stores, as well.

This is a little odd when you consider that Apple has always had a tight control of its shipping, because they know ahead of time what kind of demand they are going to see from their distribution partners. In many cases they would rather see shortages of supply, so they can say the iPhone is sold out and therefore create artificial demand. So why is Apple, all of the sudden, pushing as many iPhones as it can to Bell and most likely to other distribution partners, as well?

I believe the reason is Android. Nielsen, the research company, has just reported that Android is the #1 OS choice in USA and it?s still growing very fast. Soon, it will also be the OS with the biggest user base in USA. This is a very serious concern to Apple, because they don?t want to lose the huge attention is currently getting from developers, to Android.

They want to keep them for as long as possible, but if they start losing too many sales to Android, developers will quickly start to turn their eyes to Android. This is already starting to happen. ?And Apple can?t afford to not have the iPhones on as many shelves at possible now at all times.

This is why Bell and others will never run out of iPhones again. Apple will not let it happen. This is of course great news for Bell customers who want iPhones, and they might even get them for a cheaper price soon.

It all depends on how aggressive Apple wants to become against Android. Profits are great, but they already have huge profits, so what matters more is keeping developers on the platform. The only way they can do that is by selling as many units as possible for whatever price they can.

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