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6 Reasons You Should Purchase Your Next Bell Cell Phone from Cellarama

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If you?re new to Cellarama, we?d like to say howde!

If you?re looking for a Bell Mobility cellular phone or battery you?ve reached the right place. only purpose is to provide you with fantastic Bell phones (and hard to find batteries) – at great prices. ?So if you?re here for the first time here?s a little more detail to help you decide if you should purchase your next Bell Mobility cellular phone or battery from us.

6 reasons you should shop with us…

Reason #6 – Over 15,000 Bell Mobility Cell Phones Sold
Selling 15,000 of anything is a lot. ?That is doubly true with cellular phones. ?We?ve (almost) perfected the art of selling Bell Mobility phones online. ?So you can trust Cellarama to deliver to you a reliable Bell phone quickly.

Another fact… ?of our 15,000+ phones sold, many were second and third purchases from existing customers who love the cellarama service. ?We?re sure you?ll love us too.

Reason #5 – 5+ Years Online
5 years of Internet time is really like 15 people years. ?Cellarama employees are experts on Bell Mobility cell phones (we didn?t plan for it to happen, that?s what you get when you specialize on one product exclusively for 5 years).

If you have have questions about your Bell Mobility cellular phone there?s a very good chance we?ve got the answer for you.

Reason #4 – 100% for Bell Mobility customers!
We sell only products for Bell Mobility. ?We?re proud of this fact! ?We?re the only website in the world that caters exclusively to you.

When shopping online for Bell Mobility products you must be very careful. ?Many phones that are advertised for Bell are actually similar models from American carriers (like Sprint and Verizon). ?These phones cannot be activated on Bell.

By selling only Bell Mobility cellular phones and batteries, you know for a fact that your cell phone and battery purchase will work 100% with Bell.

Reason #3 – Awesome 97day warranty

Did you know most Bell Cell phones sold online are sold without contracts? ?Well it?s true! It boggles our mind why people would buy any electronic device (cell phones included) without a warranty.

Without a good warranty a good purchase can quickly turn into an expensive paperweight. That?s not good.

Every Cellarama phone is sold with an awesome 97day warranty! ?97days is more than 3 months, ?that?s almost 100 days! ?So if you encounter any issues that are caused by a manufacturer defect you?re covered.

Reason #2 – Zero Contracts
We think that long-term cellular contracts suck. ?All of our phones are sold without contracts. ?Yup, they?re contract-free.

Contract-free phones are great because you can do a lot with them including:

-You can add it to you?re existing Bell Mobility cellular account (if you are an existing Bell customer)
-You can use it to open a new account with Bell (if you are new to Bell Mobility)
-You can even use it with Bell?s Prepaid pay-as-you-go service

So you can use your new phone any way you want!

Reason #1 – We are the #1 site on the Internet for Bell Products
Based on our 5+ years of experience, over 15,000 Bell phones sold, Bell product expertise, awesome 97day warranty, and that all of our phones are contract-free, we?ve become you?re #1 option of choice when looking for reliable Bell Mobility cellular phones on the Internet.

So browse through our list of available Bell Mobility phones for sale and should you have any questions (big or small) don?t hesitate to send us a short email.

To your wireless?success, Service

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12 Responses to “6 Reasons You Should Purchase Your Next Bell Cell Phone from Cellarama”

  1. albert pereira Says:

    can you tell me if you take a used cell phone or exchange for the one that you selling my name .isalbert pereira tank you

  2. Cellarama Admin Says:


    Thanks for the question. Unfortunately we do not purchase or exchange units.

    Thanks again,
    Cellarama Service

  3. bibiche kazadi Says:

    can i use the blberry 8830 with another compagny?like chatr

  4. Cellarama Blogger Says:


    Thanks for the question.

    The Bell Mobility BlackBerry 8830 can be used with carriers overseas while you are travelling, however it will not work with North American carriers other than Bell. It will not work with Chatr.

    Cellarama Service

  5. Jay Simons Says:

    I am an existing Bell mobility customer wanting to replace my phone with your blackberry without extending my contract, is this possible and how do i go about doing this.

  6. Cellarama Blogger Says:

    @Jay Simons

    Thanks for the question. You can use any of our phones to add to your existing Bell Mobility account without extending your contract. The process is simple, first you will purchase your phone from us, when you receive it take it to your local Bell store where they will activate it for you from $15 (in the case where you are replacing a HSPA or GSM Bell phone – simply insert your existing active sim card into the new Cellarama Bell phone).

    The main reason you will extend your contract with Bell is to get a discount on a new device you are purchasing directly from Bell, but if you are purchasing a discounted Bell phone from Cellarama you will not be extending your contract.

    I hope this reply helps.

    Thanks again,
    Cellarama Service

  7. Diana Says:

    What do u have in refurbished phones? My mother is a 84 year old senior whose LG flip phone just died. She is with Bdll Mobikity.

  8. Cellarama Blogger Says:


    Thanks for the reply. We have a good selection of new, used, and refurbished Bell Mobility cell phones for sale. Although we have smartphones, I would recommend a basic flip phone for your mother as they have fewer features and are easier to use. Please visit our Bell Mobility sales page to see our available devices:

    Thanks again,
    Cellarama service

  9. Nels Says:

    unable to find a bettery for my Motorola C341

  10. Cellarama Blogger Says:

    @Nels – We currently do not have any Motorola C341 batteries available, if we do receive any shortly we will let you know. Thanks, Cellarama Service

  11. Natasha Says:

    unable to find a battery for my HTC Incredible S

  12. Cellarama Blogger Says:

    @Natasha – Thanks for the inquiry. We are currently out of stock on the battery for the HTC Incredible S. We hope to get more in-stock shortly. Thanks again,
    Cellarama Service

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