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Archive for September, 2009

Introducing the Bell Mobility Samsung U740 – Double Flip – Now available at

Friday, September 25th, 2009

The samsung u740 for Bell Mobility now at

The samsung u740 for Bell Mobility now at

It’s your inventory manager at

I got some great news for you.

I’m announcing the arrival of a limited number of the Samsung U740 (the Double Flip) for Bell Mobility.

You can find them located inside our Bell Clearance Center.

The Samsung U740 for Bell Mobility makes for a great texting phone because of its QWERTY keyboard, and is still much smaller that other traditional text-ready phones.

So pick one up, then tell a friend to get one.

To your wireless success,

Top 7 Things to Do With Your Bell Blackberry

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The Bell Blackberry is no longer the phone choice just for those in business. Today?s Blackberry has become a versatile device used by many. Let?s look at the top seven ways to use your Bell Blackberry

Talking on the phone. – Okay, this one is really obvious but never the less it is the basis for having the device in the first place. Your Bell Blackberry is a combination of cell phone and PDA offering you all the conveniences you could ever need.

Emailing ? One of the main uses of the Bell Blackberry is email. The Blackberry allows you to stay in contact with the office even when you are out. It?s an excellent tool for anyone who has an ongoing need for communication.

Multimedia ? Your Bell Blackberry eliminates the need to carry multiple devices. With newer BlackBerry’s from Bell Mobility you can listen to your music, watch a movie, and record voice notes. In one device, you have a phone, email server, Div X Movie Player, MP3 Player, voice recorder, photo album, and camera all rolled into one device. Now that?s convenient!

Read a book ? Sure it?s nice to have a bookshelf filled with books at home or at the office, but when you are out of the office dragging a book around is just one more thing to look after and keep tabs on. You can use your Bell Mobility Blackberry to read a book. All you need is an e-book reader like MobiPocket and you can bring along dozens of books right in your Blackberry. Bring along a leisurely book or any technical manuals you might need. You can even convert your notes to an e-book and have them right at your fingertips.

Navigation ? Most of us rely on GPS to navigate in areas we are not familiar with, whether we are driving or on foot. Newer Bell Blackberry’s will be GPS enabled. Using the already installed BlackBerry Maps application or by downloading Google Maps (my favorite); your? BlackBerry instantly becomes a mobile GPS device.

Things to see and do ? If you are in a new place and want to do a little exploring your Bell Blackberry can really help you. Or perhaps you and your friends are looking for something new to do. Free downloadable applications like Poynt can show you people, businesses, movie theaters, retailers and restaurants near you.

Stay on top of the news ? Now instead of having to pick up the newspaper every day, you can just install a newsreader and check the headlines right on your Bell Blackberry. Whether you are in the airport, in the office, or in bed the day?s news will be just a click away.

In our busy modern world, everything we can do that saves us time is appreciated. Add that with having to pack fewer devices and you can see why the Bell Blackberry has been such a hit.

And if you liked this article you can find more articles and videos for Bell Mobility BlackBerry users at – At you?ll also find great contract-free cell phones and BlackBerry’s for Bell Mobility.? Written by A. Thompson

What to Do First When You Get a New Bell BlackBerry

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

It?s easy to get carried away by the sheer excitement of getting a new BlackBerry for Bell Mobility, so here?s some advice on what to do first when you?ve finally got your new smartphone in your hand.

Configure your new Bell BlackBerry by running the setup wizard. The setup wizard allows you to connect to the Internet and get your e-mail account ready to use. These are basic but essential functions of the BlackBerry smartphone, ones you?ll use right away. You can visit for help with your BlackBerry setup.

Make sure your phone has the latest software. If new software becomes available after your phone is shipped from the factory, you?ll want to update your phone?s software when it arrives. When you get your new phone, visit right away, to see whether new updates are available and to get directions on how to complete the updates. The updates are free and often give you access to new features and functions.

Put your personal information into the phone. Use BlackBerry?s switch device wizard to import data from your existing BlackBerry device, Palm device, or Windows Mobile-powered device and put it on your new Bell BlackBerry. The switch device wizard is part of BlackBerry?s Desktop Manager. For more information, visit

Install essential applications. If you have a PC, you?ll want to install BlackBerry?s desktop software. For Macs, use PocketMac for BlackBerry. These applications will provide you with a browser and other functions suited to your mobile device. For PC users, BlackBerry?s Desktop Manager runs on your desktop PC and allows you to coordinate your PC desktop and mobile phone, transfer files, and load new applications, among other things.

Install other great software applications. You can select a variety of applications that meet your individual needs. For music, photo and video uploaders, and other useful applications, visit to select the applications you?re interested in. Consider applications such as Pocket Express or Yahoo Go, for instant access to news and all kinds of information to get you through the day.

Arrange your applications on your Bell smartphone. You can decide what applications you?ll use the most and put those on the top row of the applications on your BlackBerry so they?re easy to access. You can rearrange your applications anytime by selecting the application, hitting the menu button, and hiding or moving the application.

Personalize your smartphone. When you?re ready to set your ringtone, there are applications that offer personalized ones! And you can coordinate your BlackBerry with what you?re wearing by slipping it into a BlackBerry Skin, which come in a variety of smart colours.

Go hands-free. You can make it easier than ever to use your Bell BlackBerry by going hands-free with a wireless headset or mounting a speaker on your car?s visor.

And here?s the final item: Enjoy your new BlackBerry! Once you get your new Bell BlackBerry set up and running, you?ll find this device hard to beat for usefulness and ease of use.

And if you liked this article you can find more articles and videos for Bell Mobility users at – At you?ll also find great contract-free BlackBerry’s and cell phones for Bell Mobility.? Written by A. Thompson is not affiliated with Bell Canada or Bell Mobility.
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